STEP  vs  T-BOW®


T-BOW®: Not your average step, a REVOLUTION




•The T-BOW® offers a long list of benefits that cannot be achieved when performing the same exercises
on your basic step. This can be attributed to the meticulous creation of the T-BOW® which was
developed over 10 years at the University of Zurich (Switzerland). The Swiss creator of the T-BOW®,
Sandra Bonacina, a physical therapist, exercise physiology professor, respected gymnastics & sport
coach, former NYC dancer and aerobic dance champion truly has invented the ?Swiss Army Knife of

•Aerobic step exercises on the T-BOW® simultaneously trains your core due to its convex/curved shape
that a flat surface or step cannot. The multi-functionality of the T-BOW® permits the integral training of
coordination, cognitive and conditional capacities unlike a flat step or surface.

• The special elements of exercises with the T-BOW® are based on the development of integrated and
multi-plan movements that imply joint acceleration, stabilization and deceleration, with the intention to
improve the ability of movement, the strength of the core zone and the neuromuscular efficiency, among
many others.

•Due to this scientifically developed and tested curvature, T-BOW® step exercises not only train the
cardiovascular system and burn calories like a flat step but since more fitness capacities are incorporated
and more muscles are working, more calories are burned when using the T-BOW®.

•Another key element of T-BOW® training is that the curvature specifically trains the stabilizing muscles
and proprioception of the ankle, knee and hip joints. This leads to healthier joints, improved balance and
better fall or tripping avoidance skills.

•The T-BOW® simultaneously trains one's balance (both static and dynamic balance), which dually trains
your abdominal and core muscles. Furthermore, T-BOW® can effectively train multiple fitness capacities
(strength, endurance, balance, coordination and flexibility) which a flat step cannot.

•Compared to a flat step, the T-BOW® offers more variations, skill levels and possibilities with its variable
foot support positions. By placing the foot at different heights and slopes, the degree of challenge, joint
and proprioception are varied. Certain exercises even support accurate and bilateral control of the foot.

•The increased joint health can also be attributed to the T-BOW®s design and materials which provide a
surface that is more reactive, responsive and cushions the joints better than a flat step or floor surface.
These elements provide a healthy elasticity that adapts very quickly to changes in inertia and reactivity.
This turns impacts into healthy training for the joints and muscles.

•The T-BOW® further has exercises available that the classical step does not permit.
These include lateral jumps in slope and stair position as well as all the unstable
exercises. Outside of aerobic exercises the T-BOW® also supports a complete
strength training regimen for both the anterior and posterior core.

•Non-slip cover, rubber-feet, engineergin and incomparable strength makes the
T-BOW® extremely safe and able to support over 600 lbs.